Having taught 5th grade science for 30+ years I know that one of the major differences between plant, animals, and fungus is that plants make their own food. It is a common belief, held by most people, that plants do photosynthesis to make food. But those of us who have gotten beyond puberty know that few things in life are carved in stone. It seems that there are a few plants that are parasitic and do not make their own food, and one more long held belief bites the dust. Squawroot, Picture 1 and Picture 2, pops up in the woodlands in May and does not make it's own food. It is parasitic, getting needed food from the roots of oak trees. There are not large numbers of the plants and unlike some parasites the Squawroot does not seem to hurt the host tree, then again who has ever talked to the tree to get it's opinion.

Example Pic 1 - Example Pic 2
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